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June 30 - July 8, 2018:  Potlatch, Idaho; Post Falls, Idaho; and Sandpoint, Idaho
June 30 - July 2, 2018  Potlatch, Idaho

We boondocked (dry camping) at our friends Richard and Judy's place in Potlach, Idaho.  Unfortunately, Richard was out of town so we visited with Judy and had a loads of fun without him (hee..hee) : )  Sorry we missed you Richard.  We visited a lot, helped in the yard and garden, picked raspberries, pruned a few trees, played with the Gigit the cat, Raj and Goldie the horses and watched gorgeous sunsets from the porch.  This area is beautiful with the rolling farm hills of grain, canola, lentil and other crops and then random patches of pine trees in the middle of the farm land.

THANK YOU Judy for your wonderful hospitality, we had a great time!

July 2 - 6, 2018  Post Falls, Idaho

Before we started on our adventure we knew we wanted to name the trailer, so we have been contemplating a name and decided on one:  Tawny The Travel Trailer or TT for short.  So...if you see any references to Tawny, she is our home away from home!

Our next stop on this leg of the adventure was to Post Falls, Idaho.  On our way, we stopped in Moscow and had a cup of coffee at Bucer's Coffeehouse and Pub - thanks for the recommendation Todd and Kenon!

In Post Falls, we boondocked (had power) at our friends Steve, Stacey, and Megan's place in Post Falls, Idaho.  What a great stay!  To start they have animals to play with, Bolt and Rueger (Dogs); Izzy, Poco, and Ranger (cats); and about 8 horses!  They have 10 acres with incredible views of the mountains, Spokane River, and Post Falls from either the house or the horse arena.

During our stay, we spent an afternoon in Couer d'Alene walking the Boardwalk (longest floating boardwalk) and hiking Tubbs Hills; enjoyed many awesome sunsets from Steve and Stacey's porch, met a lot of new friends; took a boat ride up the Spokane River and to the mouth of Couer d'Alene Lake; had a great 4th of July BBQ on Spokane Lake with new friends; rode bicycles on the Centennial Trail and visited Falls Park; golfed at Highland Hills and ate at Capone's.  It was only a few short days at their place, but it seemed like we were there for weeks!

One of our friends from Boise was in Post Falls during the same time, so we hooked up with Peg (Curls) and Jason (Valet) for lunch one of the days!  They now live in Washington and were out for a weekend motorcycle ride.

THANKS Steve, Stacey, and Megan for an awesome and fun filled stay!!!

St. Joe River

Steve and Stacey's House

The Arena

Our Setup

Hiking Tubbs Hill

Celebrating July 4th

Megan french braiding Craig's hair.  He had flowers in the back braid and a Quail crest in the front

North Channel Dam at Falls Park

Jason, Peg, Holly, and Craig

July 6 - 8, 2018  Sandpoint, Idaho

On our way up to Canada, we wanted to stop at a few places along the way.  So we headed North for a few days of sightseeing.  We hung out one day in Sandpoint and walked along the beach and Cedar Street Bridge Public Market and visited Farragut State Park.  During these days we stayed at  Priest River Campground.

Having a picnic at Farragut State Park and watching the boats and sea planes go by

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