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July 24 - 27, 2018:  Yoho National Forest, British Columbia (BC)

The drive from Glacier National Forest to our Kicking Horse campground was incredible!  Jagged mountain peaks and open marshy valleys.  The river along this area is a blue/grey color and looks cloudy.  We learned through some education programs and museums we attended that this is the silt from the glaciers in the area.

As we were driving from Glacier to find a campsite, there were quiet a few car snow tunnels and...mountain goats were just grazing on top of them.  Pretty cool to drive under the mountain goats and not have them phased at all by the traffic.

Once we got to Kicking Horse, we set up our camp and started to explore the area.  Of course, from our campsite, we had incredible views in all directions!

Our first adventure that day was to ride our bicycles to Takakkaw Falls.  It was an 18 miles round trip ride with incredible views and the falls were gorgeous!  Lots of uphill on the way there with some hairpins turns, what a fun ride on the way down!  Thank goodness for the electric bicycles again!

The next day we drove into Lake Louise and explored the area.  Of course, this is a popular tourist destination so it was very crowded.  Not really my cup of tea, but sometime you have to go with the flow : )  We hiked to the end of Lake Louise and little beyond (about 9 miles round trip) and took some pictures around the grounds of Chateau Lake Louise.  Of course, we tried a little rock climbing also : )

We joked around about rock climbing and little did we know that right around the corner were actual rock climbers!  Silly us : )

We wanted to do one more bicycle ride, so we extended another day in Kicking Horse.  The next day we drove to the Great Divide trailhead and rode into the back side of Lake Louise.  It was about 16 miles round trip.  Along the way we saw a black bear grazing on berries on the side of the road.  Totally clueless as to anyone being around.  While there, we picked up a few groceries at the Village store and took them back in our bicycles : )

What a great stay!

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