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August 16 - 18, 2018:  Big Bay, Michigan (Upper Peninsula "UP")

We arrived in Big Bay, Michigan and stayed at Perkins Park Campground.  One of the reasons why we choose this spot was because it is situated on Lake Independence and Lake Superior is on the other side of the Lake Independence.  And...we were able to book the spot the night before which is almost unheard of during the Summer months. was one of the best spots in the campground! 

We take turns driving and when I am in the passenger seat...this is my normal position : )

We got in fairly late to camp so we spent most of our time relaxing, reading books, watching movies, and did a little sightseeing.  We rode the bicycles around the town of Big Bay and then to the Big Bay Lighthouse,  Big Bay Harbor,  and Big Bay Dam.  It was a pretty small ride, but enough to give us a little exercise.

Big Bay Lighthouse.  This is also a Bed & Breakfast which would have been cool to stay in for a night

From talking to the locals, this area is HUGE in the winter for snowmobiling.  During the summer months it is ATV and dirt bikes.  It would have been fun to stay a few more days and explore on the motorcycle, however...ya gotta move on or we will never get anywhere!

This is the Big Bay Dam that runs from Lake Independence to Lake Superior.  It is pretty small.

The road riding into the lighthouse, dam, and harbor

Woke up to fog this morning, took until midafternoon before it lifted

Big Bay Harbor

Stopped for ice cream at Crams Grocery Store - soft serve and added peanuts : )

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