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August 2 - 5, 2018:  Cardston, Alberta Canada

As we get ready to head back into the States, we wanted to take one more stop in Canada and visit Waterton Lakes National Park.  A good stopping point for this was Cardston, Alberta.  We were able to use Boondockers Welcome and stay at Bryan and Cara's place.  As we started coming from Banff, through Calgary and into Cardston, the scenery definitely changed.  The mountains disappeared and it became more like the Palouse area of Idaho with rolling farm hills (dry farming). 

We did not know a lot about Cardston, however Bryan and Cara were very helpful with a list of things to do.  Did you know that Fay Wray (King Kong) was from Cardston?  We didn't until we passed the sign and stopped to visit a fountain dedicated to her. 

We also discovered the Remington Carriage Museum.  Oh man, I cannot even begin to tell you how cool this was!  It is a museum dedicated to horse drawn carriages. There are over 300+ carriages (restored and original) at the museum.  We had to go back a second day because we ran out of time the first day.  If you are ever through this way, it is definitely work a visit!

Workshop where they do the restoration work.  They have a paint booth, mill shop, wood working shop, forge, leather, spoke, you name it.  Anything to do with a carriage and it's parts!

We went to see Waterton Lake Park and stopped for lunch, ice cream, coffee, and wandered around the small town! 

Prince of Wales Hotel

View from hotel.  This is Waterton Park at the end of the mountain range and lake is Glacier National Park - US.

Lunch of Gnocchi and Bangers and Mash

The Big Scoop Ice Cream

Holly shopping for rocks to take home

We had a nice relaxing few days in Cardston.  Our hosts had another couple staying in their Airbnb  and they cooked dinner for all of us one night.  Thank you Robert and Marion for the dinner, it was great!  Thank you Bryan and Cara for your hospitality!

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