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August 4 - 9, 2018:  Great Falls, Montana

On the drive from Cardston, Alberta to Great Falls, Montana the scenery changed drastically.  Big mountains turned into rolling farm hills.  Still very pretty and calming in it's own right.

Glacier National Park on the US side

After popping down out of Canada we drove into Great Falls because we were having an issue with the truck.  This problem had been going on since Revelstoke, but we didn't think it was too serious and thought we could wait until Great Falls which was the closest Ford dealer across the border.  Not sure what the exact problem was or how long it would take to fix it, we wanted a town we could at least stay a while.

Turns out nothing majorly wrong with the truck.  We had a shop in Meridian, Idaho replace the front locking hub before we left, turns out that the part they replaced was a defective part.  So...the part was replaced again in Great Falls and now we are working with Meridian, Great Falls, and Ford on the warranty claim.  Fun=NOT, it's all a process!

While in Great Falls, we relaxed and felt like we were in a normal routine.  We stayed at Dicks' RV which was a great location for everything we wanted to do (forgot to take a picture of our spot - doh...).  We were able to ride the motorcycle around while the truck was being worked on and then bicycles after that.  We restocked food and supplies, golfed at Anaconda Hills Golf Course (it's been a while since I walked 18 on a hilly course - whew).

And as usual, there was wildlife on the golf course....little varmits, ground hogs, or whatever they were.  On the Front 9, there were about 4 holes that these little guys were ALL OVER!  They were not afraid of humans and would have families of 4-6 at each holes.  Reminded us a lot of Bill Murray in Caddyshack : )

We rode our bicycles on the Rivers Edge Trail which goes along the Sun River and joins the Missouri River.  What a contrast in the water colors as they joined.  This trail took us to Giant Springs State Park and Roe River (shortest river in North America), and we discovered there was a music block party downtown one day so we rode our bicycle to that and enjoyed listening to Justin Jenckes (country).  And...we even went an saw a movie Equalizer 2 ($5 Tuesday).

One of the many dams in Great Falls

Craig discussing and pointing out spots on the Missouri River with Lewis, Clark, and Sacagawea

Roe River Info

Holly riding across the Row River bridge

Giant Springs Info

Roe River and the bridge that separates it from Missouri River

Craig checking out the teepee along the Missouri River

Great Falls was a neat little town (about 60,000 w/ Malstrom Air Force Base).  The downtown is filled with old historic buildings from the railroad days and is like a sleepy little town.

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