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August 24 - 27, 2018:  Milford, Ohio

Our next stop was in Milford, Ohio (close to Cincinnati) to visit with Craig's ole buddy Todd.  They went to Junior High, High School and lived together during the college days.  

Unfortunately, we were unable to stay in the trailer at Todd's place, so the first two nights we stayed at Stonelick State Park where Todd and his brother Drew came out and camped with us.  Of course, the days and evenings were filled with reminiscing, INTERESTING stories, and great food around the camp fire.  One of the days we took the paddleboards and kayaks out on the lake and had many laughs.

Craig and Todd on Stonelick Lake and clowning around at the beach we paddled to - studly men they are!

Craig, Todd, and Drew

Campsite at Stonelick Lake Campground

Now he thinks it's funny!

Todd wanting nothing to do with Drew and Craig

We also spent two nights at a BoondockersWelcome (The Nutters) in Milford so we could spend more time with Todd, Drew, and visit with their mom Judy.  The great conversations continued and we had an amazing dinner at Montgomery Inn.

Although we spent most of our time visiting with Todd, Drew, and Judy we did get a little opportunity to visit with the Nutters.  They have traveled to 48 of the States and have a ton of information to share.  We wish we would have had more time to visit with them and hope to see them in our travels.  Thanks Ken and Kris for letting us stay at your place!

Todd, Judy, Holly, and Craig.  We missed Drew in the picture.

We took one of the days and drove all around the Cincinnati area looking at the places that Craig lived in as a kid.  It was fun seeing all of the houses or apartments and hear the stories.  Unfortunately, as we were driving around we noticed the air conditioning in the truck was not working real well, was windows open, no A/C, and about 95f with 60% humidity.  HOT.  Since we were headed to Salem next, we figured we'd find a dealer there to look at it.

One of the things I always crave when we are in this area is 5 way chili.  Whether it is from Skyline Chili or Goldstar Chili, I don't care.  If you have not had this before, it is...

  • 3 way is spaghetti noodles, meat chili, cheese

  • 4 way is spaghetti noodles, meat chili, beans, and cheese

  • 5 way is spaghetti noodles, meat chili, beans, onions and cheese

Holly's had 5 way chili and Craig had chili dogs - YUM!

On our last day of visiting with Todd, I noticed there are two great concerts coming up on September 5 and 6.  We are headed back through the area on those days, so...we've made a plan to return and boondock at Todd's house for those nights and go to the concerts.  Todd has a really cool 1922 house that he is remodeling and in need of hanging kitchen cabinets, so...when we come back through, we'll help Todd hang his kitchen cabinets!

I was trying to take a picture of Craig and Todd that does not put them in shadow.  We each have our opinion as you can see from the pictures below : )

Really cool shed in the backyard of Todd's house - love the rustic look

Todd's cat Mauser, cat-napping on the patio table and ignoring the humans.  She is a sweetheart!

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