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August 23 - 24, 2018:  Muncie, Indiana

From the Gilmore Car Museum, we traveled to Muncie, Indiana to meet Tom and Carol (our friends from Boise).  They are traveling to Maryland to be park hosts for the summer at Assateague State Park.  

One thing to note as we traveled from Michigan into Indiana, the landscape became more flat with rolling hills land.  A TON of farming.  Also, since we've been taking smaller roads and staying off the Interstate, we've been going through a lot of little towns.  Two comments on those.  

1.  Some of towns are prospering, the homes look well kept and businesses are existing.  Others...not the case, there are so many great homes and buildings dating back to the late 1800's that are in such poor condition, being neglected and vacant.  You can definitely tell the towns that have been hit hard by recession, economy, etc.  It is so sad.

2.  It is a amazing on the cemeteries!  I know this sounds weird, but on any given day during our travels, we are passing 5-7 cemeteries in one day!  I know this may not sound odd since we are driving through MANY little towns and each town has a cemetery, but...the fact we are ON THE ROAD the cemetery is on is what amazes me.  It is not like the cemeteries are on side roads, back a few miles, they are on the direct roads we travel.  I know it's because of how the towns are built and grow, however...I get the feeling that we need to stop and pay respect to the residents of the cemeteries.  I bet there are some very old and cool residents/tombstones.  Yes....we've been on the road too long and I've lost my mind : )  hee...hee...

We stayed at Summit Lake State Park and got two camp sites right on the lake that were great!  Tom and Carol had their daughter Valerie and dog Divot with them, so we had a great time catching up, taking a walk along a nature trail and of course eating great food around the camp fire.

Great to see you again Tom, Carol, Valerie, and Divot!

Craig doing some maintenance on the trailer - checking tire pressure.

Our campsite - view of the lake from the front door of our trailer

Our campsite - on the shore of the lake

Hike around part of the lake and Divot enjoying the water

Pasta dinner one night - YUM!

The whole crew - Divot is below us so you cannot see him

Another camper in the park - they have a roof platform setup - interesting...

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