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September 9, 2018:  Gibson City, Illinois

We wanted to be in the Denver, Colorado area by September 14, so we spent the next few days 'booking it' across the country.  Below are each of our stops along the way.

The last 2 days in Milford, Ohio it rained about 90% of the day so we knew as we headed out that we would encourter rain and possible flooding.  Because of this we decided to stay on the I70 and I74 as we traversed across Indiana and into Illinois.  As you can see from the pictures below, it rained during most of our drive.  We went around Indianapolis and did not stop just because pulling a trailer it is hard to navigate in some areas.

A couple of things we noticed as we drove through Illinois was:
1.  Corn and soybean are their primary crops.
2.  80% of the homes are painted white with black shutters.  Is this the mandatory color scheme to own a home in Illinois?  : ) hee...hee...

We stopped in Gibson City, Illinois for the night and stayed at Gibson City South Park Campground.  What a great spot at only $10 per night with water and power!  And they had showers and toilets we could use.

Only one other camper in the park with us.  You can see our camper in the background, just look for the pink and red chairs!

The locals were very friendly and we walked downtown the next day for a cinnamon roll and checked out the area.  Nice little town with a brick road running through the downtown!  The houses are very well kept and they take pride in their town.  They even have a drive-in movie theater but unfortunately, nothing was playing for the one night we stayed there.  The weather was great with blue sky, sun, and in the mid 70's.  PERFECT!

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