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September 11, 2018:  Macon, Missouri

As we traveled back across the US to the Denver area, we tried to avoid the Interstates just because the roads are so crappy, busier, and you don't get to see as much cool stuff.  However, the flip side is that if you go on some of the smaller roads, you slow down to 35mph for each town, then speed back up to 55mph just to slow down again for the next town.  So we have decided to take Highway 36 across Missouri and Kansas.  On the entire trip we are going between 60-65mph because it is better gas mileage and easier on the truck and trailer so this type of road is perfect for us!

We did not travel far this day since we spent most of the day in Hannibal.  We stopped for the night at Long Branch State Park in Macon, Missouri.  What a great State Park and the camp hosts were excellent!  We would have loved to stay a few more days to paddleboard and ride bicycles, however we have other things on our agenda, we went.  And..if you have read about our experience in Fort Peck, Montana...this is another earthen dam!

Crossing the earthen dam to get to the campground. 

Long Branch Lake

Since it is after Labor Day, the park was pretty empty so we had plenty of spots to choose from

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