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September 12, 2018: 
St. Joseph, Missouri and Marysville, Kansas
St. Joseph, Missouri

If you remember I made a comment about all of the houses in Illinois being white with black shutters.  Well, as we have traveled across Missouri and Kansas...I think those states have the same regulations, rules, CC&R's.  Or perhaps it "all farm houses" or "all houses along Highway 36".  Who knows, but...there are a ton of them with those colors!

On our way to Marysville, we stopped in St. Joseph, Missouri to check out the downtown area.  One of the locals from Hannibal, Missouri said the architecture was great, so...we decided to stop. We found a little coffee shop downtown and had a small bite to eat and then walked around the area.  The architecture is amazing (see pictures below)!  St. Joseph is where Jesse James was was shot in his hotel and in 1860 was the beginning of the Pony Express.  It looks like a neat little city that we would have liked to had more time to tour and go through some of their museums.  Next time!

Marysville, Kansas

As we pulled into Marysville, Kansas for the night we stayed in Marysville City Park for free.  Each site had power and there was shared potable water, RV dump station, and bathrooms.  The park is two blocks from downtown near the Police Station and has a HUGE playground and public swimming pool.  Too bad it was closed for the season.  Since this is by the High School, there were also tennis courts and we watched the 'gym class' getting tennis lessons and playing.  And...were able to listen to and watch the marching band and color guard (flag twirlers).  We walked down for dinner that night to Las Cerabas - yummy Mexican food and GREAT older building!

Marysville City Park that we spent the night

Old earthen home and school house near the City Park

Downtown Marysville

As a side note, did you know that Marysville is also know as the "Black Squirrel City"?  It was so cool, there are these sculptures all over town!  Below are just a few of them.

Marsha J. - Look a squirrel just for you.  It's name is Marshall  : )

Yep, this squirrel "Homer" is outside of the Police Department

There was even a squirrel "Eve" in the City Park where we spend the night

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