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September 4 - 9, 2018:  Milford, Ohio

As we travel back across the US, we came back through Milford, Ohio and boondocked at Todd's house again.  Part of the reason was that I found two concerts I wanted to attend at the Riverbend Concert Pavilion.  September 5:  Pentatonix, Calum Scott, and Echosmith.  September 6:  Lady Antabellum and Darius Rucker.  We've seen Lady Antabellum before, but I really wanted to see Darius Rucker.  Great shows both nights!

September 5 - Pentatonix Concert

We picked up these tickets the day of the show and got under the covered pavilion about 10 rows from the stage right - great seats!  And...paid about $40 p/ticket (with fees and such).

We could not tailgate in the parking lot and it was raining, so...we tailgated in Todd's truck! 

Pentatonix is an acapella group that I have wanted to see.  Their harmony and the sounds they can make are incredible.  My three favorites songs they do are:  Hallaluh, Little Drummer Boy, and Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen.  They performed Hallaluh and Bohemian Rhapsody as part of their set.

September 6 - Darius Rucker

We picked up these tickets the day of the show also and got under the covered pavilion 9 rows from the stage center - AWESOME seats!  We paid about $50 p/ticket (with fees and such).

Darius Rucker - Not sure why this picture turned out this way, the lighting was just perfect.  It is a cool shot.

September 6 - Lady Antabellum

For the encore, Russell Dickerson (opener), Darius Rucker, and Lady Antabellum bands all come onto the stage and performed 3 songs together.  There were probably 20 people on stage playing their instruments and singing.  It was really cool and you could tell they do this for every concert and have a great time doing it.  They were clowning around and enjoying themselves. 

One of the days, we rode our bicycles on the Little Miami Scenic Trail.  This is part of the old railroad trail system that has been converted to paths.  It is a great path and we encountered walkers, bicyclist, and...people riding horses.  Pretty cool! 

One of us...the name will go unmentioned...Todd....had a flat.  Added a little excitement to the bicycle ride.

We rode the bikes into Loveland, Ohio and met Judy (Todd's mom) for lunch.  Then...we discovered another cool local ice cream shop!  The Loveland Sweet Shoppe.  They have about 12 favors and make them fresh in the shop.  Wow....great ice cream and incredible customer service!  We chatted with Steve from the shop and tried many flavors and also their Butter Brickle - WOW!  If you are ever in this area, these guys are a must!  We have rated them a 9 on our Activity Catalog.  We had the Salted Caramel Chip and Peanut Butter Goldmine.

Hanging out with Todd and Drew on the front porch

Part of the reason why we came back through Todd's place was to help him hang some kitchen cabinets.  He is doing a remodel on his 1922 house.  The house has so much character and is very cool!  Most of the cabinets are hung and once Todd gets his stove and dishwasher he will finish hanging the rest. 

Cabinets are all in position and ready to be installed.  They will mount the uppers first and then wait for the lowers.

First cabinet being installed

This side of the uppers are installed and complete!  Onto the next side.

All of the uppers are installed.  Once Todd gets the appliances, he will finish installing the lower cabinets at that point

During this visit, this whole area had a TON of rain!  This is coming from the Tropical Storm Gordon off the Gulf Coast and there has been flooding around parts of the state.  As we head back across the US, we'll keep a close eye on the weather for the rains and tornados.  

Thank you so much Todd for letting us boondock at your place!

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