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September 13, 2018:  St. Francis, Kansas

Okay, everyone said that Kansas was flat and barren.  I beg to differ, perhaps it was because we were more North or the time of year, but Kansas is actually really pretty.  We drove through most of Kansas today and below is an example of 90% of the terrain on Highway 36.  Loooonng..... rolling hills like a roller coaster.  And a ton of farming.  The primary crops are Corn, Hay, Sorguym, and...we even saw many sunflower fields!  And guess what...I did not count, but we saw a TON of cemetaries as well.  Yes, it makes sense because we drove through about 40 little towns...65mph...down to 45pmh...down to zone down to 20mph...back up to 65mph, repeat...Another thing I noticed was the amount of old dilapidated farm houses and barns.  Wow, I have never seen so many.  Although they were abandoned, they were very cool and pretty in their own right.  We learned that the old barns are too small to fit the new farming equipment, so they just go into disrepair while the farmer builds a new bigger barn.  Too bad we didn't get any pictures of the old ones, however, my navigator Craig...was tired of snapping pictures for me ; )  hee....hee...

We stopped for the night in the St. Francis City Park.  There are about 6 spots that have power and then there is one shared potable water.  This City Park is not as plush and well maintained as some of the others that we have stayed in.  However, they do have a shower house and bathroom which is pretty cool, even if we did not use it. was FREE!  As we pulled into town, we noticed the temperature was 94f - yikes...we didn't expect it to be that hot.  Thank goodness we had power so we could run the air conditioning for a while.  As the sun went down, it cooled off nicely and we opened the trailer wide for the fresh air.

Great sunset!  As you can see when we pull in for only one night, we don't set up much on the outside.  Especially, when the temps are so high.

There were a TON of flies at the park and a lot of them got into the trailer.  I think Craig killed about 20 of them in his mad frenzy  : )

Before heading out of town the next day, we walked downtown to Fresh Seven Coffee for breakfast and then over to the St. Francis Motorcycle Museum.  

We saw a sign for this as we were driving into town the day before and thought...why not!  What a great museum!   A professional racer Mike Bahnmaier and some local enthusiast, decided to build a motorcycle museum in St. Francis, Kansas.  Below are just a few of the motorcycles in the museum, some of them being very rare.  What a great way to kill about 4 hours in the museum!

Notice this 1902 Orient is one of only two know to exist!

Notice this is extremely rare because of the sidecar

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