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Our names are Craig and Holly and we live in Boise, Idaho and enjoying traveling around the world, meeting new people, and have a variety of activities that we love to do.

Craig and I have been together since 1990 and have always had a sense of adventure.  We have traveled all over the world scuba diving, riding motorcycles (street and dirt), golfing, jetskiing, snow skiing/boarding, hiking, and any other hobby you can think of.  We haven't tried everything yet, but are pretty darn close.

We talked about retiring at a young age and worked really hard to pay off our debt and make smart decisions so that we could.

​In 2005 we purchased multiple properties in Southern Baja and decided this would be our winter home.  We love Boise and it will be our summer home.  Meanwhile, we will continue to explore the world!

Our early retirement dreams came true!  After 25 years in the semiconductor corporate world, Craig retired in 2011.  After 21 years in the same, Holly retired in 2018.  As part of our retirement, I wanted to visit every State in the US and also every Province in Canada. 

In the past we have owned a 30' Class A motorhome and recently sold a 35" 5th wheel toyhauler.  We used both to camp and explore some of the mountains in Idaho.  We decided that both were too large and were always nervous about "could we fit into the space?"

We purchased our new 23' Forest River Rockwood Mini-Lite traveling home in April 2018 and will set out for the next few years exploring Canada, US, and Baja looking for that elusive fascinating fact or unicorn.   We named our trailer Tawny The Travel Trailer, so come and explore with us!

If you see that we will be in your area and have a suggestion on something we must see or do, please email us and let us know.

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