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Hello There!

We are the Bedazzled Flamingos.  We made our debut into Craig and Holly's life on May 26, 2018.  Our goal is to travel with Craig and Holly (aka Dad and Mom) on their adventures and live life to the fullest.  If they are too scared or nervous to try something...WE ARE NOT!  Come join us for the time of your life!


In February 2019, we heard Dad and Mom whispering the other night....they thought we were sleeping...we think they said something about taking us back home to Boise and leaving us!  Can you believe it?  It sounded like we were in the way and cramping their style.  We even heard them say that our bedazzles were falling off with the humidity and bumping around in the trailer!   Oh my...  If you do not see us around for a while...that is what happened, they took us back home and left us!

January 2019 We are helping Mom plant her agave, aloe vera, and cacti.  The trek up the hillside is easy for us, we don't have to carry anything!

October 2018 Hanging out in Cyndi's backyard in Scottsdale, Arizona.  Eating with the tortoise around the pool and then sharing food from the bird feeder with the local pigeons.

9-10-2018 We stayed at Gibson City Park for a day and got to play on all of the playground equipment!  It was fun...until...the swing...we both got a little queasy and had to stop.

8-18-2018 Somewhere in Michigan we have relatives that opened this shop!

8-13-2018 Figures....we snuck out of the trailer at 3am while Mom and Dad were sleeping...thought we would go gambling in Spirit Lake Casino.  Security Guards wouldn't let us take a picture of the gaming room. to settle for the lobby area, 

7-15-2018 Lazy afternoon on Cristina Lake, BC.  Forgot our sunscreen hope we don't burn too bad...

6-3-2018 BUSTED!  Mom caught us eating the lettuce and rhubarb in her garden

8-9-2018 Snorkeling in Fort Peck Lake, decided to pull out the swim goggles since the water is so clear.

6-9-2018 Frolicking with the Zombie Flamingos in McCall.

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