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​In October 2004, Craig and I traveled to Cabo San Lucas with his mom Russett.

Russett was there for two weeks splitting the time between two timeshares.  The first week was spent with Craig, Russet, and I in Cabo San Lucas at the Villas del Palmar

Russett was spending the second week in San Jose del Cabo with some girlfriends at the WorldMark Coral Baja.

This was our first adventure to the Baja and the beginning of our property searching.  We knew we eventually wanted to purchase a vacation rental in the Baja, so we figured this first trip would be a fact finding adventure.  And, of course, you cannot go to the Baja without a little diving !  We spent a day and drove Los Barilles to check out some condos and the town and also took another day trip to Todas Santos.

Villas del Palmar entrance and grounds

Living area

View from the balcony of our room

Craig and Holly at the beach in front of hotel

Russett heading to the pool

Russett and Holly batering

Craig and Holly at dinner

Dive boat – getting ready to back flip into the water

Holly relaxing on the famous “sand falls”

Sometimes the best views are upside down

​A good dive is when we see sharks !

​We moved onto the WorldMark Coral Baja with Russett for one night before her friends came into town.  This was another 2 bed/2 bath suite.

Kitchen and living area.

​​The private hot tub on our patio

We enjoyed the pool at the Worldmark.  It POURED rain during the afternoon evening, but it was warm and felt incredible.  I think we stayed in the pool for many hours and I ran into the dashing young man pictured above  : )

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