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In March 2003, we traveled with Charlie from Boise Water Sports to Cayman Brac.  Cayman Brac is located about 480 miles south of Miami and the smallest of the three Cayman islands.  It is 12 miles long by 2 miles wide with the highest point 140 feet above sea level.  It’s population is 1,800.

On this trip we had some of our old friends who we’ve met diving and once again met some new ones.  I was excited because my co-worker Cyndi Ogle came along with us and dove !

And keeping with tradition, after our first dive, we painted dive flags on everyone’s big toe and became “The Scuba Toes”.  Craig and Charlie usually fight to be first in line – smile.  Holly painted the red and Deme painted the white stripe.

When we weren’t diving we hung out on the beach, snorkeled, swam in the pool, road bicycles into town, and relaxed in general.

​​The Scuba Toes decided to create a “plaque” and hang it on the dive shop.  This is a tradition at the resort and there are many “plaques” from groups around the world.  Of course our theme was – The BWS Scuba Toes.  Mary below is adding her name and George, Craig, Bob, and Charlie are tickled with themselves after hanging it on the exterior of the dive shop.

This is some of our group of Scuba Toes:  Craig, Holly, Bill, George, Cliff, Rene, Mark, Mary, Bob, Cyndi, Deme, Todd, and Glenda.  We are missing some from the picture.

The diving was great !  Just a few of the dive sites were:  famous Bloody Bay Wall and a Russian Destroyer called 356-Capt. MV Tibbits.  We saw a ton of nurse and black tip reef sharks and eagle rays.  During an afternoon of snorkeling Craig and I had the pleasure of an eagle ray encounter in the shallows.  It was breathtaking, the eagle ray slowly cruised past us and then did a 360 and came back to investigate.  It made a couple of passes and determined we were boring so moved on.  The coolest part was we were in maybe 10 feet of water with our snorkels!

Our dive boat was the Tiara Fever with Scott and Nicki (pictured below) as our captain and dive masters.

The second picture is of Craig and Dave who surfaced where?  Hmm…..I’d say about 100 yards from the boat and did a surface swim back.

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