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Lakeview, Ohio - Craig Picks Up The Trailer

April 9 - 20, 2018

Craig traveled from Boise, Idaho to Lakeview, Ohio to pick up our new 2018 Forest River Rockwood Mini-Lite 2304KS Trailer.  I guess you could say that this was the start of our RV adventures!

Why did we not buy it in Idaho or closer to home?  Excellent question.  It was about $6,000 less expensive for Craig to drive the truck across the US to Lakeview, Ohio and pick it up.  We also figured that as we travel across the states over the next few years this was a good Central location that we would be passing frequently if we had any warranty issues that needed fixed.  The fact that Craig's dad and Michele live about a 100 miles from our dealer also means we'll be back in that area frequently.  Craig's trip expenses were about $1,600 with gas, food, and lodging/RV spots. 

Craig picked up the trailer on April 9, 2018 and then spent two nights at Indian Lake State Park.  This gave him a chance to stay in the trailer, read the manuals, and figure things out while he was still close to the dealer.

Craig then traveled to Salem, Ohio to visit his dad, Michele, and other family there.  He stayed in the trailer and their house still getting a feel for how it worked.  

Craig then spent 4 days driving back across the US to Boise.  During his travels back he stayed in St. Louis, Missouri (rest stop); Ellis, Kansas (park); Parachute, Colorado (hotel); and Orem, Utah (friends house).  The temperatures during his whole trip ranged from the lows between 10f - 40f with blizzards, snow, rain, and fog.  Luckily he did not encounter any of the tornadoes or major storms across the US.

Indian Lake State Park pics are below:














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