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Los Barriles, Baja - El Torote Hillside Development
Casa De La Montaña

June 2019 - Current:  Construction of the House

We broke ground on the construction of our house in Los Barriles the week of June 24, 2019.  Yeah!  Each Friday our builder (Manolo Romero Garate) sent us pictures of the progress and since we were wintering right next door during most of the construction, we watched the casita take shape before our eyes! 

These are the architectural renderings of the house.  They are not totally complete, but will give an idea of the final house.

Construction Begins - June 2019

Hole is dug below the garage floor and cement was poured.  This will hold our two cistern tanks for water.  We will be hooked up to city water, however sometimes it is shut off and this will be our backup water supply.

First floor foundation is completed.  Then it is filled with dirt so the house will be on a raised foundation to provide for better views of the Sea of Cortez.

First floor plumbing and electrical are going in

Front of house with stairs going up to the front door

Kitchen windows and view

Office/Guest Room and view

Back of the house. The dirt you see will be the patio and swimming pool

Pouring the concrete roof on the first floor

2nd story bedroom walls going up.  Garage is on ground level

2nd story bedroom walls completed, pouring concrete roof

Pouring the concrete roof on the 2nd floor

Concrete poured for stairs leading up to the 2nd story roof and patio

Putting rebar in to pour concrete stairs

Rebar in place or stairs leading up to the 2nd story roof and patio

Front view of house from the street

Back view where swimming pool and spa will be

On top of the roof looking back at our hillside.  The hillside is our property and we will build walkways and a seating areas

The lower rooftop looking to the upper rooftop which will be part of our patio area also

Back view from up on our hillside behind the house

The lower roof top which will be a patio with tables and chairs

Kitchen and front door

Living room and front door

Kitchen living area with a sliding door onto the back patio and pool area then our hillside behind us

Guest bedroom/Office

Guest bedroom/office looking out to the front patio

Guest bedroom/Office that leads into a bathroom and closet area

Master bedroom with closet and bathroom behind the wall

Garage with 2 water tanks under the floor

Laundry and water heater area which is a separate room behind the garage

Swimming pool/Spa

Swimming pool/Spa 1 day later!

Front door and patio concrete poured.  The square in the floor is for a medallion

Back sliding door with palo d'arco.  All concrete floors and patio are poured.

Hot tub/spa area

Infinity swimming pool

Solid wall fence going up on the side of the house

All of the concrete work for the pool is completed!

Hottub/spa.  Craig wanted a reclining bench, I wanted an upright bench

Plumbing for the pool and hottub is covered with concrete

This is the other side of the wall the plumbing was on.  This room is the laundry/mechanical room

Finishing the front patio which has lights that shine down for whatever plants I put there

Floor medallion as you walk in the front door

Pebble Tec added to the pool for the color!

Pouring a short concrete driveway. We moved the man gate entrance to align with the front step entrance. This will be connected to the side fence by a solid wall.

Front wall area.  Notice the white primer on the outside?  This is not the final color.

Rooftop patio above the main kitchen/living area

Inside paint color!  Yes, it is similar to our Boise house and 4 other places we have had.  Yes, I like it.  For now all rooms are this color, I may paint a bedroom or bathroom a different color (orange, red, green, etc.) once it is finished.

Kitchen area - cabinets are in (no doors yet), windows are in, ready for countertops, and floor is ready for acid staining.

Sliding door onto back patio, pool, and hillside. Notice the door slides into the wall?  Cool!

Guest bedroom/office sliding door to front patio

Back stairs from ground level up to back patio and then up another level to the roof top patio.  We will have a metal door at the ground level entrance.

The same back stairs at the ground level up to back patio and pool which has water in it!!!  The variation you see in the water color is the reflection of the trees on the hillside.

Pool from ground level view

Garage door installed!  Our bedroom is above the garage.

This was our original man gate. Amazing how they just turn it into a wall.

Front of house.  We will have a metal gate in front of driveway, and metal door at our entrance.  On top of the lower wall and upper wall will have railings for inner courtyards.

Metal door into laundry/mechanical room.  This is at the base of the back stairs shown above.

Inside the laundry/mechanical room.

All interior and exterior doors are installed.  This is from the living room up stairs into back yard or around the corner up to the master bedroom.

Front door installed.

Rock on the outside of the door in complete.  Exterior painting is starting.

All cabinet doors, hardware,granite counter tops, sinks and outlet covers installed.

There are two bathrooms in the house.  Both have the same tile on walls, floor, and accent for cubby holes.

Shower floor tile that looks like rock.

Master bathroom shower

Master bathroom sink

Master bedroom closet.  There is a matching one on the opposite wall

Guest bathroom sink and closet

Guest bathroom closet and sinks area

Guest shower

Exterior painting in almost complete. Pool/spa heaters and equipment installed.

Floors stained!  The inside and outside patio floors are finished!

Back of the house with the painting, patio, pool and spa completed. 

Back of the house from our hillside.  Still need to complete painting of the back wall near pool.  View of Sea of Cortez from our hillside and house.

Front of the house with all gates installed, rock entrance.  Need to finish one set of railing on the lower outer wall and a little bit of concrete on the outside of the fence.  Almost done!

Appliances have arrived and are being installed!

The fridge is stainless

All ceiling fans installed

Larger kitchen sink installed

Glass shower doors installed

Outside light fixtures installed

Concrete walkway and water connection barrier to protect it from getting ran over

Concrete walkway poured in front of house. This is to also help with water runoff that comes down the street

Living room and kitchen area

Below are the finished pictures of the house.  It turned out great and we are so happy with the results.  We love it!  We are still working on outfitting it with furnishings, but for now it works great! 

Last updated: 7-18-2021

Guest bedroom/office and bathroom, closet area

Master bedroom, bathroom, and closet area.

Master bedroom hallway that leads to downstairs living room area

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