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February 2019 Baja Adventures

During our Winter in the Baja, we will update this page periodically with the activities and fun things we are doing.  Below are the updates from February.

Ann, Andrea, and Cyndi Visit

Holly's girlfriends Ann, Andrea, and Cyndi came to visit at the beginning of February.  Since it was a girlz trip, Craig was banished to the trailer in Los Barriles  : )

We had a great time lazing either at the pool or beach, drinking margaritas, wandering around the old town of San Jose, playing games, and giggling to wee hours of the morning.  

Ann and Andrea flew out after 4 days and Cyndi extended for a more days.  Cyndi and I moved out to the trailer in Los Barriles and had the opportunity to hang out here watching the kite boarders and riding bicycles around town. 

One of the afternoons we hung out by the swimming pool.  Although the sun was out most of the time, as it got later in the day it started to cool off a little bit.  Notice our jackets  : )

We decided to splurge and try the 'fish pedicure'.  It was a hoot!  Cyndi had done this before, Andrea was game, and Ann and I were both a little hesitant.  You can see Ann below wondering 'what are we doing!'  It tickled and was actually pretty cool....after the initial shock!  The calf/foot massage at the end was GREAT!

One of the evenings, we walked to old town San Jose.  Ann and Andrea were dancing up a storm!  Okay...we had to prod them to do it.  And, no...we were not drinking!

We drove to Los Barriles one day to check out our other property.  We stopped at El Veijo for lunch, enjoyed a margarita on the beach at Lazy Daze and of course....went to San Bartolo and Zopilotes Ice Cream!  And..we ate way too much

On the day that Andrea and Ann flew out, we headed to Cabo to wander around and have lunch. 

Cyndi and I spent the next few days in Los Barriles attending a Spanish class, riding the bicycles and hanging out on the beach.

We had a great time playing in the Baja!  Thank girlz for coming to visit and hang out!!!

Russett Visit

Craig's mom came to visit and we had a great time bouncing between San Jose and Los Barriles.  Russett lived in Los Barriles for three years, so she was able to spend some time visiting with her friends there and stayed a few nights at Fern and Garys.

Craig and Russett at a neighbors farewell party

Walked down to old town San Jose.  Russett enjoyed a little dancing!

One of many fun lunches!

​​Thank you Russett for coming to visit!!!!

Todd Visit

Craig's buddy Todd from Milford, Ohio came for a visit.  They have been friends since junior high and Todd had not been on a vacation for 12 years, so...we took full advantage of the opportunity!

Walked to Old Town San Jose and enjoyed people watching and some music on the street.

Enjoying the sunset at the beach and watching the ocean.

The boys enjoyed multiple days of riding the bicycles around town and to the Marina. 

The boys spent two days in Los Barriles and had fun riding bicycles around town, they rented ATV's and rode up the arroyos one day.  The pics below are the San Bartolo Arroyo which is the one our place is on.  This arroyo goes up to a water fall and there is a small trail you can ride to San Bartolo and...have ice cream at Zopiloties! 


Dinner at 3 Dog Corner, Todd did not realize how big the hamburgers were!  Yes, he ate all of this except one bite of his hotdog...

Back in San Jose, we enjoyed an afternoon at the beach across from the condo.  We had fun just being sill and enjoying the water.

Is that Fabio with the long hair coming out of the water???

One of the evenings we attended a free movie at the beach in front of El Encanto de la Laguna.  What a great way to watch a movie!  We watched Hitman's Bodyguard.

San Jose Thursday Night Art Walk.  Holly enjoying her cup of fresh cut corn, mayonnaise, and chili sauce.

We spent a day in Cabo enjoying the busy city life.

Todd needed a haircut, we found a place for $100 pesos or roughly $5 USD.  We tried to go to our place in San Jose but she was not open yet. 

If you remember any of our 'big chair' pictures from Idaho and Canada...we found one in Cabo! 

Of course, we had to stop by the famous Squid Roe.  What a cool restaurant and bar with great memorabilia on the walls.

And every visit to Cabo is not complete without stopping by Cabo Wabo!

Thanks Todd for visiting, we had a great time!!!

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