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Holly's Retirement And Bon Voyage Party

​Now that I have retired and we are getting ready for our RV trip across Canada, US, and Baja, we wanted to have a party to celebrate both occasions.  We held the party on May 19 in our back yard and the weather was perfect!  We had about 137 people in attendance between family, friends, neighbors, and former co-workers of mine and Craig's.  When we have house parties, we like to hire local musicians to play during the event, our favorite band is West of Ustick (Ronnie Marler and Tim Bossart) who just happen to be friends and former co-workers!

​Special thank you to those that made it to the party, especially my cousin Teddi from Washington and Bruce and Marie from Provo!

People keep asking us "where are you going" so we had a US map with our routes lined out (see map below):

  •     1st Loop (Red) - Boise to Baja 2018 - 2019

  •     2nd Loop (Blue) - Baja to Key West 2019 - 2020

  •     3rd Loop (Green) - Key West to Boise 2020 - 2021

We asked people for suggestions on where to go, what to see, and who to visit. We ended up with 4 pages of suggestions!  Thank You Everyone, we will try to incorporate as much as we can into our trip !!!

Our route and RV with all of our toys we are taking:  dual sport motorcycles, electric bicycles, golf clubs, kites, and inflatable paddleboards

Craig smoked 4 brisket and 26 chicken breast on the Traeger.  In addition to 15 pizzas.  Guest brought a side dish, appetizer, or dessert to share.

Below are more pictures from the day!

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