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January 2019 Baja Adventures

During our Winter in the Baja, we will update this page periodically with the activities and fun things we are doing.  Below are the updates from January.

Day Trip To El Truinfo

We took a day trip with some of our Peninsula neighbors to El Triunfo.  This was about a 192 mile round trip with  a caravan of about 5 cars.  We drove the loop from San Jose to Cabo, Todos Santos, El Truinfo, San Bartolo, Los Barriles, and back to San Jose.


We visited the El Triunfo Mining Museum which was really cool and had lunch in the museums' restaurant.  On the way back we stopped in San Bartolo for ice cream at Zipilotes.  YUM!  El Truinfo is a great little town that we want to come back and visit some more.

What a great trip!!!

Los Barriles - El Torote Development

We had renters in the Peninsula condo for most of the month of January, so we moved out to the trailer in Los Barriles.  This gave us a chance to really work on the lot.  For updates on what we've accomplished on the lot, check out Los Barriles, El Torote Development - Casa De La Montana.

Chris and Sharolyn Visit

In the beginning of January, our friends Chris and Sharolyn came to Los Barriles.  They are friends from Boise, former co-worker, and have properties in Los Barriles also.  On this trip they brought Sharolyn's parents for a vacation and we were able to see them all multiple times.  We had many great meals and laughs together.  Lavare was able to go fishing and caught a nice dorado and sail fish! 


Thank you Chris and Sharolyn for all of your hospitality.  Lavare and Janet it was great to meet you guys!

We also were introduced to two new friends, Paul and Robyn who are building a house in Los Barriles.  What fun!

Isaac Visit

Our friend Isaac (former neighbor) came to visit us in the middle of January.  Although Isaac was only here for 4 short days, we packed a ton of activity in.  Since our condo was rented, we needed to find places to stay, so what better way than to tour Southern Baja and visit different cities.  

After picking Isaac up from the airport, we spent that day in San Jose.  We stayed at Cabo Azul Hotel which is just across the street from our condo.  We visited our local favorite haunts and enjoyed the city life.

Holly and Isaac checking out the hotel swimming pool.  We all then decided to enjoy an afternoon swim and hottub!  We even went for a quick swim the next morning to start the day off right!

Near our condo is Cabo Dolphins where you can interact with the dolphins in the water.  We stopped and watched them in the afternoon.

Dinner at The Tropicana in old town

We then traveled to El Pescadero and spent the night at Casitas El Salitral.  What a great hidden gem!  Really cute casitas, friendly staff, and the dogs were awesome.  A definitely must to come back here again. 

We had a shared kitchen (on the left) and were treated to a great breakfast of pancakes, fruit, and coffee

We had a great dinner at Hierbabuena which is a farm to table restaurant.  YUM!

Great palms outside of the restaurant

Nice morning walk from our casita along the beach to Cerritos Beach.

On our way back to Los Barriles, we stopped for the day in Todos Santos and wandered around the old city, doing a little shopping, and of course eating lunch.  Then we stopped in El Truinfo for ice cream and onto Los Barriles for the duration of the stay.

We spent the next two days in Los Barriles and introduced Isaac to our favorite taco joint El Veijo.  Took a quick trip up to San Bartolo for our favorite ice cream at Zipilotes.  We had some great home cooked meals at the trailer and enjoyed watching the total lunar eclipse or wolf blood moon one evening. 

We then put Isaac on a bus and he continued his adventures with some friends up in Loreto and San Ignacio.

Thank you Isaac for coming to visit, what a great time!!!

Todd and Tobey Visit

Our friends from Boise Todd and Tobey were coming to El Pescedaro for a vacation so they came out to Los Barriles and visited with us.  We had a great time catching up and really enjoyed seeing them.  Unfornately, I missed getting a picture with them.  THANK you two for coming to visit!!!

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