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July 22 - 23, 2019:   Fort Beausejour - Fort Cumberland National Historic Site in New Brunswick, Canada

We headed out of Maine towards Canada for the next part of our journey.  Our goal was to see the Canadian Maritime Provinces which are: New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island (PEI), Nova Scotia, and Newfoundland.  Since we lost about two weeks of travel replacing the truck, we decided to skip Newfoundland and will catch it another time.

Crossing the border into Canada and New Brunswick - yeah!  Finally, we are here.  The roads and scenery in this section are very similar to the East Coast States we have been driving through - hills, trees and not able to see a lot because of the dense woods.  Then you have the farms sprinkled into the mix.  And...The Bay of Fundy!  Gorgeous!

We arrived at Fort Beausejour about 6:30pm and spent the night in their lower parking lot.  What a gorgeous spot with spectacular views of the Bay of Fundy right out our front door!  The only negative on this was the mosquitoes.  Holy cow...since we were the only ones around with warm blood, they tried to feast upon us.  We spent time that evening walking around the grounds of the Fort getting our history lessons and watched an incredible sunset!

The Fort was built by the French in 1751 and then captured by the British and New England troops in 1755 who renamed it to Fort Cumberland.  This is the first time we have started to get history on Colonial powers and fighting for the new world between the French, British, and Spain.  Very interesting!

Today, you can actually stay overnight in a tent at the Fort to see what life was like back in 1755.

Early the next morning we visited the Fort Musuem.  Since we had already been on the outside grounds, it was really cool to see the inside and learn more about the history. 

What a great place to stop for the night!!!

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