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June 13 - 17, 2019:   Salem, Ohio

We stopped in Salem, Ohio to visit with Craig's dad Dennis and Michele (Mickey).  We really enjoy coming here because we've been coming for years so we don't feel like we need to do everything every year.

As with our time in Mississippi and Kentucky, the storm is following us so we had rain most of the drive here and for most of the days during our stay.   However, with the rolling hills filled with trees and shrubs, it makes it the color so much deeper and richer green.  On the days we had no rain, we took advantage of it and spent time outside running around. 

I could not resist because of the name on the back of the truck : )

If you remember, we came through this way last year, so this time we stayed at the Guilford Lake State Park Campground.  This is actually in Lisbon, OH and about 9 miles away from Dennis and Mickey.  It is a nice little campground.  With the rainy weather we did not get out on the lake, but we would stay here again and try to get on the water. 

Our setup

Next time we will get on this side by the lake

Salem and the surrounding towns have gorgeous old houses, churches, and I love the architecture.  The house below on the left needs some TLC, however, it is one of my favorite houses in Salem.  The chimneys and roof lines are so unique and I would love to see the inside of this house. 

Below are some pics of Dennis and Mickey's yard.  Look at how huge the Hostas are!

And of course, the alpha in the family...Akeso, their Golden Retriever  : )  NOT, she is so mellow and such a . sweet heart!

Dinner at Ezio's Italian restaurant - YUM!

One of the days Dennis, Mickey, Craig, and I met Mickey's sister Suzie and her daughter Jenn for brunch at The Courthouse Inn & Restaurant in Lisbon, Ohio.  OMG...the entire place is stunning!  This is one of the oldest buildings in the State of Ohio and the couple that own it have done a fabulous job of renovating and decorating it.  And...the food is top caliber and very decadent.  If you are ever in the area, this is a must place to eat!

The back patio area has a meandering pathway lined with crystals, geodes, budda's, and other pieces of art.  The outside patio table and chairs are solid Jade and gorgeous!

Yes, that is a chrome toilet in both the men's and women's restrooms!  If you look close, all walls and the ceiling are the 1" silver glass tiles.  Everything in the restrooms are glass and silver except the toilet and tissue paper.  Pretty snazzzzy!

Of course, any trip to Salem is not complete until I have traveled to Newel, West Virginia and visited the Homer Laughlin China Company Factory (Fiesta dinnerware).  We usually go every time and I buy dinnerware for our house in Boise.  This time, I bought dinnerware for the house we are having built in the Los Barriles, Baja!  Since we will not be renting this house, I wanted my dishes to be Fiesta and love all of the bright colors!

We have never had the opportunity to tour the factory and see how Fiesta is made, so we did it this time.  Unfortunately, we were not able to take pictures inside the factory, but it was awesome to see the molding, coloring, firing, and design/decorating process.  We were then able to tour the Fiesta Museum.  How totally cool that I now know how all of my dishes are made!

This is the First Evangelical Presbyterian Church in East Liverpool, Ohio that is on the border between Ohio and West Virginia.  I LOOOVVVEEE the rock and brick work on this church!

The Newell Toll Bridge crosses the Ohio River from East Liverpool, Ohio to Newell, West Virginia so that you can get to the Homer Laughlin factory.  During our factory tour, we learned this is a private bridge owned by the Homer Laughlin company.

The Newell Toll Bridge

Crossing another State : )

In the Factory Outlet, you can purchase from the Firsts Room (retail prices) or Seconds Room (huge discount).  The Seconds Room are dishes that have small flaws on them and cannot be sold as Firsts.  An example would be a small dot of different color, the Fiesta mark on the bottom is not centered, etc.  Examples of prices are:

Dinner Plate in MSRP=$20, First Room=$13.99, Second Room=$3.25

YES...that is a huge difference!  And most of the flaws are so small, you would never notice!

The only downside to the seconds room is huge, dishes are stacked in crates and you have to sort through them to find the colors and best pieces.  Of course, I love this, it is like a treasure hunt. 

Below are two pictures of the Seconds Room.

This is the First Room, all neatly stacked and organzied

This is our purchase!  We were able to find all of our pieces in the Seconds Room, except the Utensil Set.  And...Craig was cool with me buying all colors!  In Boise, we have Cobalt, Persimmon, and White.  Baja here we come!

We were able to spend Father's Day with Dennis and Mickey.  Dennis grilled steaks (Craig should have cooked for his daddy - smile).  Suzie, Jenn, and another friend Susan joined us for dessert where Mickey made an incredible fresh Strawberry Pie.  OH was the best Strawberry Pie I have ever had!

What a great trip to Salem.  Too short, but the time we spent together was great!

THANK YOU DENNIS AND MICKEY for hanging out with us and a wonderful time!!!!

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