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June 17 - 20, 2019:   Mississauga/Toronto, Ontario Canada

And...the baseball game!  Unfortunately, the Jays lost 11 - 6.  However, it was a great game and awesome stadium.  The tickets that Louise got were right behind home base and about 23 rows up.  INCREDIBLE SEATS!!!!!

One of our neighbors/friends from San Jose del Cabo, Baja are Wally and Louise.  We have been seeing them for years down in the Baja and this year they commented that we should come and see them in Mississauga (pronounced Miss-a-saga).  So...we said "Okay"  : )

The weather was raining off and on most of the way from Salem, Ohio to Mississauga, Canada.  It was about a 6 hour drive, and we saw some interesting things along the roadway.  On long drive days, it is amazing what peaks your interest...

Goodbye Ohio.

Hello Pennsylvania!

The boat looked funny from the back because you could not see what was pulling it

Goodbye Pennsylvania.

Hello New York!

Our first Toll Booth on the highway.  Quick...let's get off : )

Crossing the Niagara River into Canada

Yahoo.  Ontario, Canada!

Love the large signs in Ontario, they are so easy to see and read.  There are a TON of wineries in this area and this was a great winery name : )

Cool car

Some strange guy driving our truck : )  hee...hee...

Holy cow, there were a ton of wineries in along this section

Going through Buffalo, New York

Hello Canada, here we come!  Border crossing.

Love the way Ontario has the wall on roadways that separates the road from residential, business and such.  It is concrete and glass at the top!

Some very cool modern building designs

If you are asking yourself, "Did they stop at Niagara Falls?"  The answer is "No." 

We visited Niagara Falls (on the Canada side) a few years ago during on of our Salem, Ohio visits.  It was with Michele's son Billy and his daughter Emily.  What a great trip and breathtaking scenery!

For our visit with Wally and Louise, we had no plans.  However, casual conversation turned into walks, golf, and a baseball game!

Wally and Louise live in a great part of town!  They are close to the Lake Ontario shoreline and Rattray Marsh Conservation Area.  We took many evening and morning walks that were between 2-4 miles each. 

Golf was great!  We walked 18 holes at Oakville Executive Golf Course.  Notice the pink port-a-potty in the picture on the right?  Yes, they had men's and women's.  

Louise surprised us with tickets to see the Toronto Bluejays vs. Los Angeles Angels Baseball game.  Since we had not been into Toronto yet, we took the Go Train in, wandered around downtown, and had dinner before the game.  Toronto is a very vibrant city and what a very cool experience!

Train Station downtown.  What a great old building!

This is the Financial District.  It was close to 5:00pm, holy cow...people were walking quickly, in a hurry, and the vibe was definitely all business.  Yes, that is us walking in the first picture. 

Notice the sign...The Toronto Stock Exchange.

This is the Education District.  Awesome park and building right in the middle of town

Awesome sculpture in the Art District

Awesome church in the middle of downtown!

And...of course, I left the best for last : )  The kitty cats!  Meet Skitty and Satch.  They are both adorable.  Skitty is a love bug and slept with us off/on each night.  Satch is rescue kitty from San Jose del cabo, a teenager, and full of piss and vinegar : )  He actually wears a harness and likes to go outside for walks.  Way cool!

Skitty - she has the most incredible green eyes.  The pictures do not do justice to them.

Satch waiting for the birds in the bird bath.  He has the most gorgeous blue eyes.  Again, pictures do not do justice to them.

We had such a great time in Mississauga and really enjoyed hanging out with Wally and Louise.  We definitely want to come back and do some more exploring around this entire area.


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