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June 25, 2019:   Cooperstown, New York

Our next stop was in Cooperstown, New York and the National Baseball Hall Of Fame.  We traveled through Collegetown, Ithaca, New York where Cornell University and many other universities are located.  The drive was uneventful and the weather was perfect!  Again, I had no idea that New York was this gorgeous with the mountains, green, and farmland. 

In Coopersville, we were able to park the truck and trailer in a lot outside of town and take a shuttle into the center of town.  What a cool little town that is focused ALL AROUND BASEBALL!  The population of Cooperstown is 1,800-2,000 full time residents.  It is a tourist town that the population can swell up to 4 times that.  Great history and the people were very friendly.

We spent about 4 hours in the National Baseball Hall Of Fame.  Craig is a Cincinnati Reds fan and as a kid lived down the street from Lee May, a Reds player and Ted Kluszewski, the Reds batting coach.  He went to many games at Crosley Field and Riverfront Stadium watching the Great Eight play!  So most of the pictures below are from his team.  I don't have a team, so...I guess that make me a Reds fan also : )

Craig has this Pete Rose baseball card in his collection!

Can you believe that Pete Rose has all of these records and yet...he is not in the National Baseball Hall Of Fame?  All because of a little bit of gambling that he got caught doing?  Tell me others haven't done it and they are in the Hall of Fame...

Yes, this is a chic (Sophie Kurys) with the record for stolen bases! 

I bet you did not know that we both played with the Reds...we can autograph a baseball for ya if you want  : )

After the Hall of Fame, we wandered around town, ate lunch and then headed out of town.  We were on our way to Quebec City, Quebec and had some long days of driving, so we wanted to get as far as we could.  We stopped for the night at a Walmart in Cobleskill, NY.

Love the two colors of brick/stone on the Community Bank.  Similar to the church in East Liverpool, Ohio

Cool Polaris SlingShot car

Cool storm cloud and sky as we left Cooperstown.  This is a classic picture with the farm on the left, the tractor crossing sign and cows on the right

Sunset as we pulled into Cobleskill, NY for the evening camping at Walmart

We had a great time today with the drive, town, and National Baseball Hall Of Fame.  What a cool part of New York!

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