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June 6, 2019:   Bowling Green, Kentucky

As we left Nashville, we were headed eventually to Milford, Ohio to visit with our buddy Todd.  Along the way, we wanted to stop in Bowling Green, Kentucky at the National Corvette Musuem

For those that may not remember, we owned a 1964 convertible corvette at one point.  So...this was a mandatory stop on our trip!

Holy cow....we stopped and spent about 5 hours at the museum drooling over the cars.  What a great museum and history lesson if you are ever in the area!  There are over 80 cars on display dating back to 1953.

Below are random pictures from the day.  If you can zoom in to read some of the stories or text that is written about the image in the picture.

In addition to the National Corvette Musuem, right next door is the GM Corvette Factory where all corvettes are produced, and...a race track (NGM Motorsports Park) where all of the new corvettes are driven and tested.  It is a pretty cool area because it is all next to each other!

Zora Arkux-Duntov was a game changer for Corvette.  Without his innovation, Corvette may have ceased to exist.

Another game changer for the Corvette - the use of fiberglass which the idea was taken from this Stout Y46 model

Yes, there is even a huge display of model Corvettes.  I cannot remember the exact number in the collection, but this is one of the probably 10 display cases

My favorite guy and Corvette!

Not sure if you remember, but in February 2014 a sinkhole opened in the Skydome of the National Corvette Musuem.  It swallowed 8 rare corvettes.  In the museum today they have an exhibit explaining the whole ordeal, videos, simulations, and all 8 of the cars that were recovered from the holes.  Unfortunately, only 3 of the 8 cars were able to be salvaged and restored.  Zoom in on the pics below to read more about the cars.

There is a huge area of custom license plates.  Love the "Hi Offcr" plate in this pic

This area is where customers cars are waiting for their new owner to pick them up.  Look closely at who this car is waiting for...

NOT...  : )

What a cool day and fun going through the museum. 

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