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June 7 - 13, 2019:   Milford, Ohio

We arrived in Milford, Ohio and stayed at our buddy Todd's house.  If you recall from past posts, we visited Todd twice last year and he came to visit us in the Baja this year. 

Milford is a small town outside of Cincinnati that has a great older downtown.  Todd lives in town so we are within walking and bicycle distance to the downtown and bicycle path.  What a great location!

The weather was a little iffy and rained off/on mostly in the evening/night time.  However, we still found plenty to do and enough time to enjoy the outside sunshine when it came!

Crossing from Kentucky into Ohio

Craig and Todd cooking dinner one night - grilled chicken, grilled avocados, and salads

Grilled avocados - YUUUMMMMMYYY

Our setup at Todd's pad

Dinner with Todd's mom Judy and his brother Drew

When we are in the Cincinnati area, I need to have my 5 Way Skyline Chili - spaghetti noodles, chili, beans, onion, and cheese.  OMG...I crave this stuff so need to get my fill while I can!

This night grilling was steak, lobster and corn on the cob - KILLER!

We took the bicycles out a couple of times and rode the Little Miami Scenic Trail.  Great riding!

Craig told us to suck in our guts and smile big, so...we did  : )

Todd got tickets to the Cincinnati Concours d'Elegance Car Show.  OMG...there were so many beautiful, unique, and rare cars.  The pictures below are some of my favorite and do not do them justice.  As you can see it was raining at the beginning of the day so some of the cars are covered.  Later, the sun came out and it was gorgeous!

NEVER RESTORED and it is in immaculate condition.  The owner said they are allowed 1 paint job so that is all he has done to it.  The inside is burgundy leather and in PERFECT condition!

Look at the awesome back end on the Edsel - looks like the back of a  boat!

When we asked ourselves, "If you could have any car in the show, what would you choose...our answers were...

Craig:  Duesenberg and Jaguar XKE Roadster

Holly:  Kaiser Darrin Roadster Convertible, Toyota MR2.

And...if possible BMW Isetta 300 and Chrysler New Yorker Convertible

My favorite car - the Kaiser.  We saw one of these in the Gilmore Car Museum and I fell in love.  The door slide back into the front fender of the car - sooo unique!

What?  Holly's current or newer favorite car - 1985 Toyota MR2?  Wow....I have owned two of these and wish I still had the red one we sold  : (  I always said this would be a classic car it is.  I am going to need to buy another one...1985 Red....

OK, I think I have a new favorite car...Todd told us about this car the day before because there is one that lives on his street.  Now...we see two of them at the car show.  What a fantastic design and concept!

The unique things about this car that I love are 1) it is 1 of 921 built and only 3 dozen are known to exist; 2) it was found in parts and completely rebuilt; and 3) if you look at the inside, it has a record player!  The owner actually has all 45 of the special size records that were ever produced for the car!  Amazing car!!!

Todd:  Shelby Cobra 427 and BMW 2002 (not pictured)

Of course, we had to end our stay with a visit to the local Old Milford Ice Cream Parlor.  Yowza....this is a great place where you can get soft serve, hard, or cookie dough/batter, YYYYYUUUMMMMM

We had a great time in Milford visiting with Todd and planning for the future.  It was great to see Judy and Drew again.


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