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May 1 - 13, 2019:  Scottsdale, Arizona

We arrived in Scottsdale and stayed about 2 weeks at our friend Cyndi's place.  This is a great place to prep the trailer, restock, and of course relax before the next leg of our journey. 

Craig's step brother Bill and his wife Katya live in North Scottsdale and we were fortunate enough to be in town for Bill's birthday.  We had a great time catching up with them and celebrating his birthday!  Katya made a KILLER pecan pie for Bill's birthday - YUM.  And of course, I got my doggie fix : )



Of course, nothing is complete without Craig and I trying to help around Cyndi's house.  Cyndi has an awesome little Tab camper that she wanted a solid surface to park it on beside her driveway.  So...we dug up the existing rocks, put down sand, put down pavers, and finished off with more sand on top.  I think we worked poor Cyndi to death.  However, the end result is perfect!

Removing the rock and prepping the area.  We dumped it in other area around the yard

All finished and energized

Positioning the Tab trailer into place.  Using a trailer dolly.  However, there are handles on the front and back that Cyndi can use to push it around

Cyndi laying the first paver

This is what they really felt like  : )

Tada...all completed and it fits perfect!

And...of course we wanted to prune a few trees.  When we stayed here in October 2018, we pruned the backyard trees from Cyndi's side.  So this time, we pruned Cyndi's trees from the backyard neighbors side and also cleaned up some old branches on the Mesquite tree out front.  For the Mesquite, we rented a 35' ladder and chainsaw...sounds like a dangerous combination  : )

You can see the stumps up high, that is what we wanted to remove

Until you see if from here.  That is a LOOOONGGGG way up there.  Cyndi and I just cringed when Craig was up working in the tree and we are below holding his ladder.

Doesn't look too bad right?  Just a ladder and Craig on a tree branch...

Just a little sawdust EVERYWHERE....

No mishaps on the pruning and the trees look great!

We have been carting around solar panels and their equipment since we left Boise in June 2018.  Craig was able to spend some time working on installing them and finishing the wiring that he started in the Baja.  He could not complete this in the Baja because we could not purchase all of the parts.  Luckily, we were able to find the part in Scottsdale.

Working on inside wiring

Measuring and marking the placement of the panels and drill holes

Second panel completed!  And...Craig threatening to draw a mustache on my face with his black permanent marker...NOT

Part of the control boxes Craig put in

Installing the panels on the roof

First panel almost completed!

Running the wires from the panels on the rood down the awning arm frame and into the mechanics in the trailer

On each side of the bed, Craig added an orange electrical outlet which indicates this one is ran from solar vs. shore power.  He also added the Battery Management System and the Inverter On/Off switch. 

And...the solar works GREAT!

Meanwhile, I am screwing around and adding 'sticker' the trailer.  Since we named her, we wanted to display her name...Tawny The Travel Trailer

And of course, we found time to relax, ride bicycles, and play!

We rode our bicycles and met some of Cyndi's friends at Ruth's Cris for Happy Hour and then attended a free concert at The Scottsdale Railroad Park to see Diamond In The Rough.  A Neil Diamond cover band and they were GOOD!

Me and my cactus pictures again...

Golfing at Ken McDonald Golf Course near Scottsdale

Of course, we had to eat dinner at my favorite hefeweizen beer joint.  Gordon Biersche.  I normally don't drink beer, however...I love their banana clove hefeweizen!

Then...we topped off the evening with a homemade custom ice cream sandwich.  Oh man...were we full!

This is Kip.  We went to a BBQ pool party at Cyndi's daughter's house (Crystal and Shaun).  And...we met Kip the Tortoise.  He is one of their family pets and was enjoying his lettuce and strawberries. 

And...Stella.  She is Cyndi's German Shepard and is a SWEETHEART!  As you can see, she enjoyed hanging out with us and taking a siesta...

And...swimming in the pool with Craig.  Or was he swimming with her?  : )

THANK YOU SO MUCH CYNDI AND STELLA for letting us stay, hang out with us and put up with us! ! !

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