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May 13, 2019:   Bisbee, Arizona

We left Scottsdale and headed South towards Bisbee, Arizona.  We drove through Tucson and unfortunately were not able to connect with Nancy (Michele's sister), next time though! 

On the drive we took Interstate 10 and then on Highway 80 through the Coronado National Forest, Tombstone and into Bisbee.  The topography of Arizona is absolutely beautiful!  Flat barren desert to forest of Ocotillo cacti to awesome mountains!

Yes...this is a border patrol station!

We choose to visit Bisbee at the recommendation of our friends Tom and Carol.

Bisbee is a city in the Mule Mountains of southeast Arizona.  Bisbee is known for it's copper mining past.  There is Queen Mine which offers underground tours.  Unfortunately, we arrived too late and were leaving the next day so we missed seeing this.  The latest copper mind was the Lavendar Pit which stopped mining in 1974.

The coolest thing about Bisbee is that the city is built up the hillsides with both businesses and house. 

We stayed at Queen Mine RV Park which is right in town and we were able to walk into town for dinner and wander through the streets, up and down hills.  On one side we had a view of the town, the other a view of the mountains, and another a view of the Lavender Pit mine.  Gorgeous!

We spent a couple of hours going through the Bisbee Mining and Historical Museum. 

Of course, I wanted some of the rock specimens they had on exhibit.  I just could not bring myself to buy a rock from the gift store, but did manage to pick up a few stray ones from our campsite  : )

As we wandered around town, we found one of the big Adirondack chairs.  If you remember from other posts, we are seeing these all over and take every opportunity to get a picture.  In the one pictures, Craig is showing how small my head is : )

Since it was a monday evening most of the places were closed by the time we got there.  The main road in town reminded us of Park City, Utah; Jackson Hole, Wyoming; or Ketchum, Idaho.

St. Elmo Bar is the oldest bar in town and had an incredible wooden bar. 

This is the city park bleachers.  Way cool how they painted the seating area.

Bisbee's Iron Man.  He is made out of stone then covered with copper. 

Look at the blooms, way way cool!

And...of course more Cacti pictures  : )

Great picture of the moon behind the blooming Ocotillo Cacti

Lavender Pit Mine. 

The Pit started out as the Sacramento Pit, then Lavender Pit, and then The Holbrook Extension

Bisbee was a very cool little town.  I am sure we will go back here again as we travel through Arizona.

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