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I so wanted to steal this sign : )  But...did not  : )

May 15 - 18, 2019:   Austin, Texas

Since we were traveling from Carlsbad Caverns, New Mexico to Austin, Texas in one day we wanted to get a jump start and try to reduce the miles.  So after visiting the Caverns, we decided to get on the road and see how far we could make it. 

We traveled to Fort Stockton, Texas and bookdocked for the night in a Walmart parking lot.  Us an about 10 oter campers  : )

As we traveled from Southern New Mexico into Texas, we came to a realization is 1) ALL oil and gas; and 2) everyone owns a white pickup truck  : )  When we were in North Dakota we thought there was a lot of oil rigs, tanks, derricks, etc.  No way...this area has that area beat!

From Fort Stockton, Texas to Austin, Texas the scenery changed quite a bit.  We took Interstate 10 and then Highway 290 and it started out a flat, barren desert.  Then quickly changed to green rolling hills with an abundance of wildflowers.  I did not know there are 7 different regions of Texas:  Big Bend Country, Panhandle Plains, Hill Country, Prairies And Lakes, Pineywoods, South Texas Plains, and Gulf Coast. 

As we have been driving through Texas, I have been amazed and shocked at how pretty it is.  Definitely, not what I was expected.  Texas is a beautiful state.

Did you know that Lynden B. Johnson was born in Johnson City off Highway 290?   If you do!

Fredericksburg is a cool German town known for it's wineries.

Rolling into Austin with the city skyline

Once in Austin, we stayed at the Pecan Grove RV Park.  Wow...what a find!  This RV Park is in the heart of downtown Austin and right next to the Butler Hike & Bike Trail.  Once we parked we never drove the truck again and were able to walk or bicycle to restaurants, music venues, etc. 

The site were a little close, but...the location was killer and the showers were hot hot water!  Notice the cute airstream beside us.

Our first meal in town was a short walk from our RV Park at P. Terry's.  It was a great value and reminded of us Big Jud's in Boise.

Just around the corner from the RV Park we walked to Shade Grove for a free concert of Charlie Mars.  What a cool venue!

The next day we hopped on the bicycles and rode the Burton Hike and Bike Trail.  This was a little over 10 miles along the Colorado River and took us past the parks, downtown skyscrapers, Lady Bird Lake, Barton Springs, and more. 

We could not believe the turtles.   They are EVERYWHERE!!!!!

Barton Springs Pool (past the fence).

Cool bicycle sculpture.  Look closely, the picture is NOT distorted, it is just layers of bicycles!

After the bicycle ride, we ate BBQ at Uncle Billy's Brewery - OMG....INCREDIBLE BBQ !!!

We then rode to the Saxon Pub and listened to Denny Freeman (has played with Stevie Ray Vaughn and Bob Dylan)!

Originally we had wanted to stay about 5 days in Austin, then we shortened it due to other commitments.  After staying just 2 days, we realized we WILL come back to Austin and spend about a month!  What a great city that really reminds us of Boise on a little bit bigger scale.  Great food, music, outdoor activities, and the people are so nice! 

Since we have entered Texas, everyone is so polite and they say "Yes Ma'am" and "Yes Sir".  Very cute!

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