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Roatan 2007

Our buddy Bruce Roberts, Craig and I decided we wanted to get a group of friends together and go diving.  We polled our friends and after a few e-mails decided on Roatan, Honduras.  Craig and I have been on multiple dive trips with Charlie at Boise Water Sports, so we asked him to put something together for us and come along.

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Cabo Pulmo 2006

During one of our stays in the Baja, Craig and I went diving at Cabo Pulmo.  Kat Wade from the San Fransisco Chronicle was there doing a story on reefs and the warming trends.  We got to dive with Kat and Craig's picture at the left was featured in her San Fransisco Chronicle Article

Guantanamo Bay (Gitmo) 2005

In March of 2005, Craig and I were on vacation with some friends (Jay, Vicki, Bruce, and Kia) in Florida.  One day after diving in Key West Bruce (who was stationed at Guantanamo Bay) said “you should come visit and go diving.”  We looked at each other and said “we can do that.”  Bruce said “sure, I’ll just sponsor you.”  Since Americans were not allowed into Cuba, we figured this would be an opportunity that we couldn’t pass up.  It didn’t matter to us that we couldn’t leave the base, we were going to Cuba to dive ! 

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Bonaire 2005

In February 2005 we went with Charlie of Boise Water Sports to Bonaire.  Bonaire is about 50 miles off the coast of Venezuela and one of the ABC islands (Arube, Bonaire, Curicao).  It is a small island that is 3-7 miles wide and 24 miles long. 

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Belize 2004

In March of 2004 Craig and I went on a dive trip to Belize with Charlie from Boise Water Sports.  On this trip many friends (Dave with son Bryant, Sandy with son and daughter, Ed, Joyce, and George) from past dive trips came along in addition to my cousins Kenny and Cindy and Craig’s mom Russett and many other new friends.

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Cabo San Lucas 2004

In October 2004, Craig and I traveled to Cabo San Lucas with his mom Russett.


This was our first adventure to the Baja and the beginning of our property searching.  We knew we eventually wanted to purchase a vacation rental in the Baja, so we figured this first trip would be a fact finding adventure.  And, of course, you cannot go to the Baja without a little diving !

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Cayman Brac 2003

In March 2003, we traveled with Charlie from Boise Water Sports to Cayman Brac.  Cayman Brac is located about 480 miles south of Miami and the smallest of the three Cayman islands.  It is 12 miles long by 2 miles wide with the highest point 140 feet above sea level.  It’s population is 1,800.

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Fiji 2002

Craig and I decided to take up Scuba Diving, a sport we had always wanted to try.  We took our lessons from Boise Water Sports during February 2002 and decided instead of doing our open water dives in Blue Lake, Wendover during February (brrrrrr) that it would more fun to travel with Boise Water Sports to Fiji in April and do our 4 required open water dives there ! 

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