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September 29 - October 5, 2019:  Los Barriles, Baja

We woke up at 2:30am so we could get ready and then take the shuttle from the Sheraton Hotel in Baltimore, Maryland to the  Baltimore Washington (BWI) airport.  We arrived in beautiful sunny San Jose del Cabo, Baja, about 2:00pm, picked up our rental car and headed to Los Barriles. 


Holy cow, we cannot believe how green it is!  The flowers are blooming, the grasses are growing on the sides of the roads, and there are more cows and horses along the road than we have seen in a long time.  Absolutely gorgeous!

Our friends Chris and Sharolyn who live in Boise and that we worked at Micron with have a condo and a house in Los  Barriles.  They were gracious enough to let us stay at their condo during our trip.  Their condo is on the third floor right on the beach and has amazing views.  We enjoyed drinking coffee on the patios and the swimming pool!

Of course, you know Craig, he cannot sit still so during our stay he repaired two lamp fixtures and a few knobs on cupboards  : )

One of the things that is really fun to do at their condo is watch the boats be loaded and unloaded into the water.  The pics below are a gentlemen already drinking beer on his boat, waiting for the tractor to push them into the water.  When they are done fishing, they call into the tractor and he comes and loads the boat onto the trailer and takes it back into the boat yard.  Pretty cush fishing if you ask me! 

The last picture of the boat with all of the flags had a good day of fishing!  I think the colors are:  Wahoo is orange, a red flag below a flag means released, Dorado is yellow, bills are black, Marlin are blue and white, and tuna are usually blue and white, and all have pictures of the fish.

Our primary goal of the trip was to check on the house we are having built in Los Barriles.  Our builder, Manolo, broke ground in June and has been doing an outstanding job of sending us pictures weekly and updating us on the progress, this is the first time we saw the house in person. 

We met Manolo at the house on our second day in town and is amazing!  We cannot believe how fast it has gone up and what a great job Manolo and the workers are doing. 

On this trip we met with the electrician/plumber and reviewed the electrical and plumbing locations, met with the cabinet and door guy so we could design the kitchen, closets, pantry, and all doors.  Met with the welding gate guy and designed the gates.  Met with the pool/spa guys and designed them and confirmed the window and door openings.  Oh...we also took a trip in Cabo and Home Depot, Costco to look at appliances and confirm sizes.

We will have a patio on the front of the house for the front door and guest bedroom/office, back of the house that goes out to a swimming pool and spa, and up the stairs onto the roof, we will have two patios at different levels, oh...and a small patio off the master bedroom : )  Never can have enough outside living space!

Below are a few pictures of the house.  For the complete story and more pictures, go to El Torote, Casa De La Montaña.

This patio is the one that goes out the back sliding glass doors to the swimming pool and the hillside behind the house.  We own the hillside, so we add stairs, walking path, and sitting areas to it.  I have already been transplanting cacti, aloe, and agave on the hillside so will add more.  It will be our own little nature preserve!

Also, the picture on the right is the swimming pool.  It was bare dirt when we arrived and four days later they were already putting the walls up!  They work VERY FAST!!!

The day that we went into Cabo to look at appliances, we also joined our Peninsula Condo neighbors for Potluck on the Palmilla Beach.  It was great to see a bunch of our friends again!  And we discovered a new beach that is AWESOME!

We then went into San Jose so I could get a haircut from the gal I went to all last Winter.  At $4.00 USD you cannot beat the haircut.  We then visited our favorite coffee shop Cabo Cafe and had a latte and yummy piece of chocolate cake!

When we first arrived in Los Barriles, we decided we would eat a late breakfast at home and then eat tacos out  for a late lunch/early dinner.


Of course, no trip to Los Barriles would be complete without visiting my favorite taco joint - El Viejo!  When we pulled into town, they were closed and...remodeling.  EEK...I asked and they said they would be open by Wednesday...we were leaving on I only had three days to eat there.  Which...we did...three days in a row : )  For me, fish tacos, fish and shrimp tacos, shrimp and scallop tacos.  For Craig...chicken tacos...all three days : )

Before El Viejo opened we ate at a few other taco places in town which were good and one evening we visited Smokey's for dinner.  Craig had a good chicken sandwich and I had a LARGE place of sashami ahi tuna.  Basically, raw tuna. was KILLER!

Pisces taco joint

El Viejo - Best fish or shrimp tacos in Baja!

Our first time eating at this place.  It is on the main road by Chapito's grocery store and the sign outside says "Shrimp"  They only serve fish, shrimp, octopus, and scallops.  Craig had shrimp tacos and even he liked them!  They are now my 2nd favorite place in Los Barriles  : )

In addition to all of the other fun things we did, we drove out to our lot in La Ribera to see how a fencing project turned out.  When we left Baja in April, we hired Chepy to fence our lot that we have owned there since 2006.  So...we thought we should check out the completed project.  It turned out great! 


This lot is one lot off of the beach and the closest we will ever be to beachfront.  The homes in front of us are all single level and we are up on a dune, so we will have a great view over their roofs.  In the last picture, our lot is right behind the white house that is on the right.

Some day we may build a house on this lot, but...that is another story for later ; )

We had a great time in the Baja!  It was a short 6 day trip and we were able to complete a lot of 'business'.  We both said that we missed it and wish we could have stayed longer.  This is where we will be snowbirding between October - April once we are done with our current travel adventures. 

Thank you to all of our Peninsula Condo neighbors and friends that we hung out with!

HUGE THANK YOU to Chris and Sharolyn for letting us use your condo.  What a GREAT place!!!

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